Guanacaste DMO


Executive Director

Mauricio Arévalo – CR DMC

CEO, President, Co-Founder

Mauricio Arevalo, widely known as an ambassador of culture and tradition, has always been passionate about his home country, Costa Rica, dating back to when he was a university student. After having studied Hospitality Management, he started off his career at Cunard Cruise Lines as a tour guide aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to this first gig, he was given the invaluable opportunity to travel extensively around the country, and got to learn all about its culture, traditions and history.

Throughout the years of his fruitful career, he has had the pleasure of sharing his knowledge and travel experience with all his high-level clients, laying the foundation for many long-lasting business relationships and partnerships. He never gets tired of learning and passing on his knowledge, whether it’s a conversation about biodiversity, traditional culinary art and intercultural encounters, or history and pre-Columbian traditions. To this very day, he continues following his passion and realizing his vision of promoting the diverse beauty of Costa Rica.

Mauricio is the CEO, President and Co-Founder of Costa Rica DMC Inc., an award-winning Destination Management Company at the very top of the industry. He founded the Costa Rica Convention Bureau, an association that promotes Costa Rica’s new and improved image in the corporate world on an international scale. He is also the President of SITE Central America Chapter (Society for Incentive Travel Experience).

Aside from being an expert conversationalist, Mauricio enjoys cooking, swimming and dancing. Legend has it, that he has a tremendous shoe collection to be envied! He is an animal lover and pet owner and has five dogs he loves dearly!

Eugenia Solano - TAM

Executive Vice President

Eugenia has worked in fast-paced entrepreneurial environments for most of her career. She has vast experience with small to mid-size businesses, and a passion to deliver complex client solutions, from conceptualization to completion. A perfectionist, she stays within budget, delivers on time and her results are always above the anticipated profit percentage.

Having worked in the Event & Meeting Planning field alongside some of the best possible mentors, Eugenia joined the TAM Travel Corporation team and was given the opportunity to excel to whole new levels. TAM provided her with better resources and immediately she started taking on larger roles, more responsibilities and complex projects within a variety of organizations. The nature of her job often requires travel; at times, it’s been as part of a team producing an event, and sometimes she’s been in charge of the overall project – a ‘sink or swim’ test, if you will.

Her sociable personality allows her to have instant chemistry with the teams she works with from all the world. She welcomes the challenge every time, which has resulted in her immense strength and extraordinary leadership skills. Working in and producing special events in an ever-changing destination like Costa Rica has taught her to be resilient, creative and self-reliant.

Eugenia’s experience brings a diverse set of skills to her position at TAM Travel Corporation. She has management experience, from back when she ran her own business and worked as an independent planner. Ever since, she has loved producing programs and events for clients in a collaborative environment. Also, having worked in non-profit, health, education, and arts organizations have helped her acquire the necessary skills to manage wieldy corporate structures with complicated teams.

Irene Montealegre – CR DMC

CFO, Vice President, Co-Founder

Irene has an extensive background and vast experience in the finance and hotel industries, and once having partnered up with Mauricio, together, they founded Costa Rica DMC Inc. Irene with a knack for finance and Mauricio with creativity and knowledge, formed the perfect team. They have been working together in harmony ever since, enjoying the fruits of their labor as the company continues to grow and evolve.

Irene is all about discipline. Doing yoga helps her keep focused and serene. She loves spending time with her family, enjoys traveling and meeting new people from all over the world.

Will Aiello – Guanacaste DMO

Executive Director

Recognized by friends and industry partners like Will, proudly holds the position of Executive Director at the Guanacaste Destination Management Organization (DMO).  A formidable force, he dons the hat of a Chemical Engineer by trade, yet his heart beats passionately for Tourism, an enchanting realm he has fervently embraced for more than two glorious decades.

In his hands, Tourism transforms into an art form, a captivating dance between aspiration and fulfillment. He has honed the remarkable ability to discern the most alluring facets of the industry, a gift that thrives in symbiosis with the pulsating beat of market trends. With him as the guiding star, the stage is set for a symphony of success, where the crescendo of innovation rises to meet the crescendo of demand.