Guanacaste DMO


Cradle of Costa Rican folklore

Cultural heritage

There is much more to Guanacaste than just beautiful beaches – it is known for its rich folklore and boasts a strong cultural heritage. The people of Guanacaste have a deep appreciation for traditional music, dance and storytelling. The region is well known for its marimba music, featuring percussion and xylophone-like instruments. The marimba is often accompanied by guitars, other percussion instruments and dancing. There are many traditional dances native to Guanacaste.

One of the most popular dances in Guanacaste is the Punto Guanacasteco. This dance is named after the region and is a vibrant and energetic dance that is performed in pairs. The dance involves a lot of stomping and clapping, and the music is played on the marimba.


Guanacaste's Folklore

In addition to music and dance, Guanacaste also has a rich storytelling tradition. Folktales and legends are often told and passed down from generation to generation. Many of these stories involve supernatural creatures and mysterious legends which are unique to the area, such as La Segua or La Llorona.

Guanacaste’s folklore and cultural heritage is an essential part of its identity, and visitors to the region can experience many traditional dances and music performances. Additionally, there are several cultural centers in the area that offer classes on traditional music and dance, providing an opportunity to learn more about Guanacaste’s vibrant folklore.